Making Christmas Ornaments
Building up the Garden
Fire Men Visit the Garden
We assist in our community to help people access the resources they need.
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Every little bit counts. We dedicate our time to providing people with the things they need to get through each day.
Help us provide safe spaces for children to learn and grow. We have to nurture our future leaders.
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Why Commited 2 Reach?

We are a 501c3 non-profit community organization, working to build a better community for our future.

We believe in building a community:

  • That celebrates and promotes people of color,

  • That creates and builds self-sustaining resources

  • That provides a positive environment for youth to flourish.

What We Do

We provide access to resources to those who need it most. We also create safe spaces for children to learn, play, and grow.

We are going out into the communities establishing positive programs the ensure the success of everyone.

As a 501c3 our organization relies on the generous donations of individuals and businesses within the community to support our programs.